About OTC Trading

A great number of professional crypto traders strive for greater efficiency, profitability and liquidity, especially when it comes to trading directly with a counterparty without having to go through the public order books. The best and most applicable solution in this case is over-the-counter (OTC) trading.

OTC Trading is a service available to high-volume traders or groups of traders who want to execute large block trades starting over 100 000 USDT by volume, where the only obstacle is capital. At Bithoven.com, OTC Trading has been made available as a result of a successful partnership with Digital Value Trading, a licensed brokerage institution with an extensive network of clients and counterparties.

The company offers fast trading executions and same-day settlements, secure and trusted services, competitive pricing and liquidity aggregation.

To get started, please apply at our partner’s website: https://digitalvaluetrading.com/.

*Please note that the minimum OTC trade size starts at 100 000 USDT, with no maximum.