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*All Referral Rewards are accrued in all supported coins within the scope of the Referral Program.

Referral Program FAQ

Referral Reward is remuneration for a Referrer represented in the form of 20% commission from the trading fee paid by the Referral for buying or selling cryptocurrencies.
Referrer is a registered platform user and an eligible participant of the Referral Program. Referrer receives a unique Referral Link for the purpose of attracting new Referrals. A newly registered trading platform user becomes a Referral after registering an account through the Referral Link.
Referral is someone who registered at through the Referrer’s Referral Link.
If you wish to increase the percentage of the Referral Reward for referring new Referrals, please contact us at [email protected] Any person or organization capable of referring multiple Referrals on a regular basis can apply to become a VIP Referrer.
Currently, there are 9 supported coins within the scope of the Referral Program, but the list of available coins will be expanded and updated in due course.
There are no limitations on the number of Referrals. The more people you engage, the more you can earn.