Multiply Your Trading Power with FREE 100% Deposit Bonus
Take your potential profits to the next level with the best bonus program for FX and CFD trading. Double your trading profits with 100% deposit bonus — open positions with a much higher volume and increased margin.
Who Can Get 100% Deposit Bonus?
Both new and existing customers qualify for receiving bonus funds for Forex trading.
What Should I Do to Get Bonus?
Register on Bithoven and open a live trading account.
When depositing funds, choose “Get Deposit Bonus”
Get the bonus and double your trading potential.
Trade and withdraw all earned trading profits.
Key Bonus Benefits
Trade any instrument on XOH Trader.
Automated and instant bonus crediting.
Open much higher volume positions.
Withdraw profits anytime you want.
Why should I care about 100% Deposit Bonus?
First of all, the bonus is free of charge. Secondly, the bonus increases your trading equity and investment capital. Thirdly, you have more opportunities for FX and CFD trading and the bonus raises your potential to generate more profits.
What is the maximum deposit bonus I can get?
The maximum bonus you can get is $10,000. If you fund your trading account with $10,000 you will get 100% Deposit Bonus in the amount $10,000. As such, your trading power is doubled and you can trade much higher volume positions.
Can I get multiple bonuses in this promo campaign?
Yes, you can get multiple bonuses within this promo campaign. The deposit bonus is credited on the difference between deposits and withdrawals of all trading accounts. You can open multiple live trading accounts, fund them and receive free bonuses for trading.
Is the bonus withdrawable?
You can withdraw only profits made from trading using the credited bonus funds.
Can the bonus be used during the drawdown?
No. The deposit bonus funds can be used as margin but it does not affect the drawdown. The bonus is written off when the Equity equals the amount of the received bonus funds and all open positions are closed.