Get 💰Paid for 📢 Posting!
If you are a proactive trader and can’t imagine your life without the daily involvement in social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as well as Forex trading/crypto/blockchain, then this promo is definitely meant for you!

Each trader registered on can make online money by simply posting Bithoven-related information on:

  • Social media networking sites like Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Video hosting platforms like YouTube.
  • Online news outlets like Cointelegraph, CoinDesk, etc.
  • FX/leveraged trading/blockchain/crypto/NFT/DeFi forums and blogs.

📢 Post & Earn!

So what exactly should you do to earn real money for your activity on the Internet?

You are required to regularly share Bithoven-related posts where applicable and each post must contain a direct link to any web page of (,,,,, You can also share the links that lead to our ongoing promo campaigns.

💰 Reward System

For each shared Bithoven-related post with an embedded link, you will receive $0.1. The maximum number of posts you can share is 100, therefore the maximum amount you can receive is $10.

In this promo, the maximum amount of reward payouts is limited. That is why you should not waste time and put all your efforts to earn money as quickly as possible.

In your user dashboard, it is necessary to keep records of your posting activities: you have to copy and save links to your posts with references.

☑️ Major requirements that you should follow in order to receive your rewards:

  • You have to be a registered user.
  • Multiple/duplicate user account registration to churn bonus rewards within this promo campaign is prohibited.
  • You will receive payments directly to your user account balance on However, in order to avoid inappropriate or spam content about, the reward for each successful post will be credited in seven days after you posted it. This algorithm is applied to guarantee that the website moderator did not remove the post right after you shared it.