Frequently Asked Questions

How to register an account?

Prior to registering an account on, please familiarize yourself with Client Agreement and Privacy Policy, which govern the use of the website. Account registration is very simple and takes just a few steps to complete it. :

  • Press the “Register” button on the main page. You will be automatically redirected to the registration form.
  • Enter your valid email address (it will be used as your username to access the website).
  • Set up a secure password.
    Note! Your password should have at least 10 characters, include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Store your password securely. You should not write it on a piece of paper, nor should you save it in your browser. We recommend using a reliable password manager such as KeePass.
  • Confirm your password in the text field below.
  • Tick the checkbox “I agree to Client Agreement and Privacy Policy” to indicate that you have read and agree to the terms that govern the use of the website.
Alternatively, you can register an account on by using your social network account (Facebook) or via Gmail.
Note! Please make sure your Facebook account is linked to your actual (existing) email address.