Frequently Asked Questions

How to restore access to my user account?

First of all, you need to specify what your problem is.

Lost or forgotten password
If you forgot your password, you can easily restore it. Just indicate the email address linked to your account on the Password Recovery Page. We will then send you a link you can use to create a new password.

No password reset email
Check if you are filling in the email address connected to your account. If it’s Gmail, we suggest looking into the Spam, Promotions and Social Folders. It may also help if you choose “All inboxes” instead of a single one.
Make sure you did not block messages from our website. Contact our Customer Care Team if the problem persists.

Lost access to 2-Step Verification device
If you lost access to your 2-Step Verification device, you should:
1) Log in with your backup code;
2) Disable 2-Step Verification;
3) Turn it back on using another device.
If you do not have a backup code, you should communicate this issue to our Customer Care Team. It may be possible to disable 2-Step Verification for you.

2-Step Verification is no longer working
1) Check if you are using Google Authenticator. It is the only app we allow for two-factor authentication.
2) Make sure you set the same time zone, date and time on your computer, mobile device and in the Settings.
3) Use the backup code to log into your account. Disable 2-Step Verification in your Settings. Wait for a little before turning it back on.
4) Contact our Customer Care Team in case you do not have the backup code or the steps mentioned above did not help.

Lost access to email account
If you lost your email password, you would need to restore it with your email provider.
If your email got deleted, and it is no longer possible to restore it, you would need to contact our Customer Care Team for assistance.
In order to avoid issues with the e-mail account, please follow the safety procedures we described.