Where is my deposit?

If you cannot locate your deposit, please take these troubleshooting steps:
• See if the transaction was confirmed on blockchain

Find your transaction hash in the “Balance operations” section and copy it to the relevant blockchain explorer website. There you can check if enough blocks were created to confirm it.
• Make sure you’ve indicated the right deposit address

In particular, make sure you’ve chosen the right cryptocurrency when generating a deposit address. For instance, if you chose BTC, but you’ve got an ETH wallet, the deposit won’t arrive.
• Check if you indicated a correct payment ID or destination tag

For some currencies, you need to fill in a payment ID, also known as a destination tag, along with your deposit address. If you made an error or forgot to fill it in altogether, contact our Customer Care Team.
• Make sure we do not run any important updates

We introduce updates regularly, as we strive to improve our services. During that period, it may not be possible to make deposits for a particular currency, or the depositing may take longer to get confirmed.
• Check if your coin is supported by our website

We do not convert between different cryptocurrencies. If you used a coin not supported by our system, it is not possible to reverse a transaction or put the amount on your account.