Trading Tools

There are multiple trading tools on offer to facilitate your trading activities.

Candlestick Chart
This nifty chart will help you monitor the price changes in real time or in the long term. You are the one setting the period for analysis; it can range from one minute (m1) to one month (M1). It is also possible to check the opening, closing, high and low prices on a particular trading day.

This category allows you to find the best markets for your respective currency.
Just select a cryptocurrency you’d like to trade, and you will see the list of markets for it. Next to each market, you will see the currency’s trading price as well as the price changes in the past 24 hours. You can add the best markets to your Favorites, so you can find them easier in the future.

Order book
Order book is where you can find all the buy and sell orders for your chosen currency.
You can check the bids to buy and the offers to sell, which will help you figure out the most beneficial trading strategy.

Markets overview
This feature enables you to compare and analyze the existing markets more thoroughly. You can check the market activity, depth and spread as well as the volumes and prices of currencies being traded.