How to manage my trading activities?

It is very easy to manage your trading activities on Just click on “Wallets” in the upper-left corner and select the "Deposit/Withdraw" option. There you can:
1) Check the type and amount of crypto already on your account, and the amount still pending.
2) Deposit crypto from your personal wallet to the account on our website.
3) Withdraw crypto from the website account to your personal wallet.

We have also enabled the features “hide zero balances” and “search crypto by name” for your convenience.

You may select the "Balance operations" in order to get more detailed information regarding your transactions. There you can find:
• All transactions within a particular timeframe.
• The payment ids and transactions hashes.
• The chosen currency and its amount.
• The type of transaction (deposit/withdrawal).

You can as well check the history of all your trading activities on the trading page under “Reports” section. To open the trading page, click on “Exchange.”