I cannot withdraw my coins/tokens

Check the possible reasons why your coins may be unavailable for withdrawal and the applicable solutions:

• Withdrawals are offline
Sometimes we may need to turn off the withdrawals for your currency to perform the important system updates. In that case, the currency will be shown as “Offline” on the “Balances” page.

• Wrong address
You may get this error message if you attempt to withdraw your chosen currency to a wallet which supports a different currency. For example, it’s impossible to withdraw ETH to a BTC wallet.
We encourage you to be extra careful when filling in your address, as blockchain transactions are irreversible.

• Withdrawals disabled
We may disable withdrawals in case we notice any suspicious activity on your account. Please contact our Customer Care Team to clarify this issue.

• Insufficient funds
This error pops up if you are trying to withdraw more coins than you have in your wallet.

• Network overloaded
If the network is overloaded, you might need to wait for some time before you can make your withdrawal.