Frequently Asked Questions

How do I verify my account?

It is a three-step process:
1) Verify your email address. Open a link sent to your email and proceed with the verification.
2) Verify your identity. Send us the scanned copies of your passport/driver's license/ID card and "Selfie". Please note that the document must be scanned from both sides. It must include your first and last names, gender, document number, the date and place of issue and the expiry date.
3) Verify your address. Provide us with a proof of residences such as a bank statement, a utility bill or any other document that includes the client’s first/last names and address. The proof of residence must include the document type, country, city/town/village, address, zip code, the date of issue and the stamp/barcode/QR code/logo.

Requirements for the documents:
• The copies must be clear, legible and in color.
• Do not crop documents for scanning. They must be presented in full size.
• Scans cannot contain any visible alterations such as crossed out words, notes or corrections of any kind.
• All documents must have identical first and last names.
• “Selfie” must contain the photo of yourself holding a sheet of paper with the text “” and the current date.
• To verify the identity and address, two separate documents must be provided.
• A certified translation is required for documents in languages other than English.
• The files must be uploaded only in the following formats: png, .jpeg, .gif, .pdf.