Why I cannot login to margin with my Bithoven.com account?

On registering an account on Bithoven.com and depositing funds for any preferred cryptocurrency(ies) to your account balance, you are able to trade cryptocurrency(ies) (buy or sell instantly) on Exchange (sometimes referred to as “Spot Exchange”). Here, a trader must have an adequate amount in one cryptocurrency to exchange for another without getting leverage. In order to use the Margin trading services offered by Bithoven.com, it is necessary to open a Margin trading account(s) and deposit a certain amount of margin nominal currency so as to use leverage for margin trading. Margin account balance is used for trading leveraged short and long positions on MetaTrader 5. In summary, your Exchange account and Margin account(s) are not interrelated and your Bithoven.com login/password pair cannot be used for accessing any of your opened Margin accounts. Each Margin account has its own trading login/password pair provided to you after opening in order to access MetaTrader 5 and start leverage trading.